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Configure journaling for Exchange 2010

Exchange 2010 SMTP Journaling Setup

Create Mail Contact

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 > Exchange Management Console
  2. Select the Microsoft Exchange On-Premises instance
  3. Select Recipient Configuration
  4. Below the Recipient Configuration, select Mail Contact
  5. In the  Action pane to the right,  select New Mail Contact
  6. In the create mail contact dialog that appears, select New Contact
  7. Enter "journal" for the new contact name and fill out the rest of the required information.
  8. Select Edit aside the new contact's external e-mail address
  9. A dialog appears prompting for an external email address.  Enter the equivalent of "company_tag@arctitan_server_name" (see bottom of article)
  10. After entering the address, click OK.   After returning back to the new contact dialog, select Next
  11. Select new to create the New Mail Contact
  12. After clicking New,  the New Mail Contact will be created.  
  13. Click Finish to return to the Exchange Management Console.

Enable Standard Journaling

  1. Click Organization Configuration, thereafter Mailbox
  2. In the Database Management tab to the right, select  the database for which journaling must be enabled.
  3. Right click on the database and select properties
  4. A new window appears.  Select the maintenance tab and then select Browse
  5. Click the Journal Recipient and then browse to the New Mail Contact created previously
  6. Click OK

Create a Send Connector

  1. Open the Send Connector tab under Server Management->Hub Transport option
  2. Right-click in the empty space and select new Send Connector
  3. Ensure intended use field is set to custom.
  4. Enter the ArcTitan in Name field, then click “Next."
  5. Click “Add” in the address space window
  6. In the address field, enter the fully qualified domain name of the ArcTitan server (see bottom of article)
  7. Select "Route mail through the following smart hosts". Click Add..
  8. Select IP Address. Enter the IP address of the ArcTitan server. Click OK, then Next.

  9. Leave smart host authentication settings as None. Click Next.

  10. Choose the Hub Transport Server's that apply. Click Next.

  11. Preview Configuration Summary. Click New.

The address to which mail will be sent is your Company Tag at the server name.  For example, if you log on to the address to which mail will be sent is:

ArcTitan servers:





Legacy servers:



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