For convenience reasons and to preserve the familiar Outlook experience, ArcTitan’s search capabilities can be made accessible from within Outlook. ArcTitan’s search interface has an inbuilt Outlook theme that is automatically activated when the console is accessed from within Outlook.


Follow the below steps to integrate ArcTitan with Outlook:

  1. Login to the user’s Outlook client.
  2. Right click the user’s mailbox in the tree view on the left
  3. Create a new folder called “ArcTitan” and click OK
  4. Right click the ArcTitan folder
  5. Select the Home Page tab
  6. Check show home page by default for this folder
  7. Enter the address: (replace the FQDN with the FQDN of your ArcTitan server)
  8. Enter your ArcTitan username and password when prompted.