Archive rules are used to specify the conditions that determine whether or not an email should be archived at the time it is received by the system. Each rule consists of one or more clauses. 

Each clause consists of an email field, an operator and a value. When processing a clause, the value of the selected email field is retrieved from the email and compared against the value specified in the clause. 

If they match, the action, either “ignore”, “archive” or “do not archive”, is applied.


For example, to ensure all emails addressed to are archived, you would simply select the field “to”, select the “contains” operator and enter “”. 

The ordering in which archiving rules are processed is significant. The rules are processed sequentially from top to bottom. A rule that appears before another will always be processed first. 

If none of the rules match, the default rule applies. In the definition of the default rule, there is the option to archive incoming, outgoing and/or internal emails.






Match Type


Matches the field against a regular expression

Regular Expression Match

does not match

Negative regular expression match

Regular Expression Match


Whether or not field contains the matching string

String Match

does not contain

Whether ir not field does not contain the matching string

String Match


Test whether the field is exactly equivalent

String Match


Test whether the field is not exactly equivalent

String Match

begins with

Whether field starts with the specified value

String Match

ends with

Whether field ends with the specified value

String Match

less than

Match if the field less than a numeric value

Numeric Match

greater than

Match if the field is greater than a numeric value

Numeric Match

Practical Use

MSExchange 2013 has a monitoring service and sends out probe emails every 5 minutes:






Undisclosed recipients:;

Client submission probe




Undisclosed recipients:;

Inbound proxy probe


It’s possible to make changes on your MSExchange server so these messages are not sent but equally we can set up three archive rules on Arctitan so they aren’t archived. 

For the rules we will use “contains” in the Clause rather than “matches” as we can then do a string match.