When enabled, users can use up to three different method of forwarding mail from the archive to their mailbox.  

Step 1)  Enable Forwarding

  • Log in to the ArcTitan web interface using your admin credentials.
  • Go to Basic Configuration > Company Settings

By default forwarding is disabled:

You can allow forwarding for Basic/LDAP users and/or Privileged Users.  To enable forwarding enter a value of 1 or more for the "Forward to Inbox" setting.  This setting determines how many mails can for forwarded at once.

Step 2) Select forwarding methods

There are thee different method of forwarding mail from the archive.

  • Standard Forward returns the original email as an attachment, thus preserving the original email headers. Lotus Notes will alter these forwarded items – removing the attachment and placing its content in-line with the main email. For a forensic copy, use the Zip option.  
  • Zip then Attach returns the original email as a zipped attachment to a new email. Use this for Lotus Notes if you want to preserve the original email for forensic or compliance analysis.
  • In-line Forward (non-forensic) returns the email back to the user with the body text of the original email immediately viewable. Most users prefer this style of Forwarding. It is non-forensic because the original email headers are not preserved.

When each option is enabled you will be able to specify "Action Text" and "Message Text".  The pop-up label text of the action can be changed from the default, if you enter something for the (Action Text).  The body text of the forwarded email will contain a short message from ArcTitan. You may override the default text by entering your own wording in the (Message Text) box.

When Forwarding has been enabled your users will have up to three new options on the search results screen: