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Configure Journaling in Office365

Configuring Office365/Exchange Online to send mail to ArcTitan is very straight forward.  There are two steps:

1) Configure a Journal Rule

2) Configure a connector

Creating a Journal Rule

Go to Compliance Management > Journal Rules.  If you have not done so already, you will have to configure an address to which undeliverable journal reports will be sent before you can continue.  

Click the plus + icon to add a Rule

The address to which mail will be sent is your Company Tag at the server name.  For example, if you log on to the address to which mail will be sent is:

ArcTitan servers:







Select "All messages" for the rest of the options.

Create a Connector

Go to Mail Flow > Connectors.  Click the plus + icon to add a Connector.

Select the following:

From:  Office365

To: Partner Organization

Click Next.

Enter a name and description.  Click Next

Select "Only when email messages are sent to these domains".  Click the plus + icon and enter the domain of the email address you entered in the previous step.  In this example that would be  Save and Click Next.

Select "Route email through these smart hosts".  Click the plus + icon and enter the IP or hostname of the ArcTitan server you use.  In this example that would be, but use the server name that you log on to.  Save and Click Next.

Ensure "Always use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure the connection (recommended)" is selected and "Any digital certificate, including self-signed certificates".  Click Next.

Verify the settings are correct.  Click Next.  The settings will next to be validated.  Click the plus + icon and enter the Journaling email address you specified in the first step.  A test will be performed to ensure mail to that address is accepted by the specified server.  Click Validate to finish.


The steps above configure Office365 to:

1) Use a Journal Rule to send a copy of all mail to a specified address (, and send any undeliverable Journal Mails to a specified address.

2) Route all mail addressed to to the ArcTitan server.

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