It is possible to delete mail from the ArcTitan archive using an Audited Delete Workflow process, a four-eye workflow process to allow for email(s) to be deleted permanently from the ArcTitan repository.  The workflow involves at least two personnel who work together on completing the deletion task.

We strongly recommend contacting TitanHQ support before performing your first deletion request.  Mail deleted using this method cannot be restored.

To perform this process you will need:

- A Privileged user account

- A Privileged & Delete user account

- A Data Guardian account

Note:  The Data Guardian account cannot be associated with the same email address as the Privileged & Delete user account

The process is as follows:

1) The Privileged user searches the archive for the mail that is to be deleted.

2) The Privileged user saves the search results using the "Save search with name" option, and when saving the search they get the option to request deletion:

- Enter a Search name e.g. Deletion request 01/01/2001

- Select date range "Keep Original Dates"

- If required, specify the date and time at which the deletion is to be performed.  If no schedule is specified the deletion request is actioned within 30 minutes of the request being authorized.

- Select a Privileged & Delete user to whom the deletion request will be sent

- Click "Request for deletion"

3) The Privileged & Delete user will receive an email notification to let them know that a deletion request has been submitted.  

The Privileged & Delete user then logs in to the ArcTitan interface and goes to Search History > Saved Searches.  The deletion request is listed there.

The Privilege & Delete user can replay the search to see the mail which are going to be deleted.

To approve deletion click on the check box on the right side of the deletion request.  A pop-up window will be opened to allow authorization.

4) The deletion request now has to be authorized by both the Privileged & Delete user and a Data Guardian.  By default the Data Guardian does not have an ArcTitan account, only their email address is listed.

- If an Active Directory/LDAP server is configured the data guardian authenticates using their email address the Active Directory password associated with their email address/Active Directory account.

- If no Active Directory/LDAP server has been configured then a local user account is created in ArcTitan using the email address of the Data Guardian.  The Data Guardian can then authorize the deletion request using their ArcTitan local account user name and password.

Once the deletion request has been authorized the job is submitted to the ArcTitan server and is scheduled to be run within 30 minutes.  Another email notification is sent after the mail has been deleted.