To upload files to an Amazon S3 bucket you use the AWS cli (command line interface) tool.  This can be downloaded from here:



sudo apt install aws-cli

The tool should be installed on a machine that holds or has access to the data you wish to upload.


Once the tool is installed it must be configured with AWS credentials.  These credentials will be provided to you by TitanHq support.

To configure the credentials open a command prompt and run "aws configure"

You will be prompted to enter:

  • AWS Access Key ID - Provided by TitanHQ support
  • AWS Secret Access Key - Provided by TitanHQ support
  • Default region name
    • US:  us-east-1
    • EU:  eu-west-1
  • Default output format: text

Once the credentials have been configured you are ready to start the upload.


To perform the upload you will need the unique S3 bucket name for your account which will be provided to you by TitanHQ support.  

Open a command prompt.  Navigate to the folder holding the data to be uploaded.  Use the following command to start the copy of all data from the folder you are in and all subfolders (if you do not wish to include subfolders you can leave our the --recursive option from the command below).  Replace "aws_s3_bucket_name" with the bucket name provided to you by TitanHQ support:

aws s3 cp . s3://aws_s3_bucket_name --recursive

If the copy stops or is interrupted you can resume it using:

aws s3 sync . s3://aws_s3_bucket_name

This will upload only files that are not in the S3 bucket.