Log into the Archive server as SU with the relevant link




Troubleshooting for login
Credentials are in LastPass but LastPass won't always AutoFill the correct user log in,
so copy the credentials Manually from LastPass if they aren't working.
The User should always be

The url will also change to
if you have a failed log so be sure to change it back to the /su/ url.

When you log in you will be presented with this screen.

You need to select Menus & Options for the relevant company

You can search by Company Name or Company Tag.

After you select Menus & Options you will be presented with the screen below.

You need to select 3 options to enable the Mailbox Reader.
Override the Default Menus ( none of the changes will take effect if this is not selected)
Under Mailbox Reader
Connection Settings
User Configuration

Select Save and now the Mail Box reader is available for the customer.

Troubleshooting for Setup
There are no known issues with this process.
If the enabling has failed, recheck the steps and server you are using (EU/US/UK).

If you are still having issues you may need to escalate to Cryoserver Support.
under Solar Archive

For information on using the mailbox reader follow its link