During the automated onboarding process, you'll be prompted to set up your archive's data guardian(s) and privileged users, which are described below.

  • Privileged & Delete User

    Privileged & Delete Users are privileged users who also have permissions to delete emails and authorize deletion requests. Apart from these two added permissions, the Privileged & Delete User is the same account type as a Privileged User. Further details about User Types and how to create them can be found in the Local User Accounts section.

  • Data Guardian (required)

    A data guardian is an email address to which transcripts of administrator access and privileged user searches are sent. At least one data guardian must be added before any local user accounts can be added.


    For versions 9.0.2 and above, different data guardians can be specified for each administrative or privilege usage audit transcript. See ana Managing Data Guardians.

  1. You can select data guardians from the list of users you're given during the onboarding process. If the user you want as a data guardian is not on the list, select Add User in the bottom left corner of your screen. Note that data guardians can also be outside your organization such as a law firm or a legal entity.


    One data guardian must always be assigned to your archive.

  2. In the same way, you can select your privileged users from the list presented to you, or you can select Add User to add a person not present on the list.

  3. Select Confirm & Continue to continue to the completion screen of your set-up wizard. Select Go To Control Panel, where you can log in to your ArcTitan UI.

if you want to add, edit, or delete the data guardians or users you created during the onboarding process, go to the Basic Configuration section of your ArcTitan UI. You can find additional information about this in Data Guardians and Local User Accounts.