The mailbox reader allows you to import old mail directly from your mail server directly into ArcTitan. The Mailbox Reader is configured in two parts. Firstly, by creating a connection to a mail server system and then by adding user mailboxes to read from that connection. Go to the Mailbox Reader menu to manage settings.


The mailbox reader is not enabled by default in ArcTitan. Please open a ticket with Support to have it enabled on your account.

The Mailbox Reader service can:

  • Collect from IMAP or POP3 or EWS (Exchange Web Service) mailbox sources.

  • Use secure connections (TLS, SSL or HTTPS).

  • Backfill: Collect email up to a specified date in order to backfill an ArcTitan archive with data up to the date/time that the email server started journaling.

  • Infill: Collect email between a date range in order to fill in any gaps in your ArcTitan archive that may have been caused by some issue.

  • Live collect: Using polling, the reader continues to collect all recent mails. Use this as an alternative if your mail server does not support a journaling facility.