In the History tab of your ArcTitan email archive, you can find details of recent, saved and shared searches, enabling you to keep track of your search activity. You can also resume previous search sessions, which is useful for long or complex searches.

After logging in to your ArcTitan email archive, select History in the menu, and then choose from the following:

  • Recent Searches

    When you select Recent Searches, you'll be able to see a list of all the searches you've performed, with the properties that were applied to the search, such as Keywords, Recipients, Attachments, and so on.

    You can click on the search to replay it, and then edit the search by selecting the Edit Search button.

  • Saved Searches

    If you saved a search, then you can access it from the Saved Search tab. From here you have the option to rerun a search by just clicking on it.

  • Shared Searches

    A list of searches that have been shared with you is displayed here.